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Making yourself easier to live with

Our non-profit organization helps the Las Vegas community better understand themselves and others around them. We believe that through better communication, we can have compassion and acceptance for others.

There are Nine Types of personalities. Learn more about the detailed descriptions of each Nine Enneagram Types.

What’s your type?

Take the FREE online test and discover your personality type. You can continue your journey of discovery by visiting our workshops and inviting other loved ones.

Cornerstones of a Healthy Relationship

Minimize Neediness

Each of us have childhood issues that we sometimes ask others to resolve for us. The only person who can meet our emotional needs is us. We should work to do so.

Emotional Reactivity

If someone makes us angry, sad or fearful, then we need to look inside ourselves for the origin of the emotional reactivity.

Skillfully Set Boundaries

Emotional and physical abuse should not be tolerated and people need to understand that we will not interact with them if they don’t treat us in a loving, respectful manner.