Enneagram Articles


Success and Failure

I was asked recently what would I tell young threes who are just learning the enneagram.  There is so much that is pertinent that it would take several pages.  But limited to a few paragraphs, then I would encourage them to give up their identification with success or...

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Know Thy Neighbor

The holiday season is heightened with compassion for our neighbors. It would be great to continue this feeling all year long. What better way than using the enneagram to enhance our understanding of the behavior and motivation in our family, friends, coworkers and...

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Self-Preservation Instinctual Subtype

A separate and important component of the enneagram is the instinctual subtypes. The three instinctual subtypes, self-preservation, social, and one-on-one, are unconscious and yet all pervasive. Oscar Ichazo, recognized by many as the founder of the enneagram,...

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Relationship Cornerstones

Minimize Neediness

Each of us have childhood issues that we sometimes ask other to resolve for us.  My mother didn’t love would you do that for me.  I was never understood as a child would you do that for me.  This behavior seldom works out well.  Our partners cannot know what our...

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Emotional Reactivity

If someone makes us angry, sad or fearful, then we need to look inside ourselves for the origin of the emotional reactivity.  That does not mean they are “right” and it may be that their behavior is such that we are not going to tolerate it but still the emotional...

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Skillfully Set Boundaries

Setting boundaries is the process of letting other people know what we will and won’t tolerate. Emotional and physical abuse should not be tolerated and people need to understand that we will not interact with them if they don’t treat us in a loving, respectful...

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