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Success and Failure

I was asked recently what would I tell young threes who are just learning the enneagram.  There is so much that is pertinent that it would take several pages.  But limited to a few paragraphs, then I would encourage them to give up their identification with success or...

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Know Thy Neighbor

The holiday season is heightened with compassion for our neighbors. It would be great to continue this feeling all year long. What better way than using the enneagram to enhance our understanding of the behavior and motivation in our family, friends, coworkers and...

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Self-Preservation Instinctual Subtype

A separate and important component of the enneagram is the instinctual subtypes. The three instinctual subtypes, self-preservation, social, and one-on-one, are unconscious and yet all pervasive. Oscar Ichazo, recognized by many as the founder of the enneagram,...

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Relationship Cornerstones

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