Three Instinctual Subtypes

Each of the nine personality types has access to all three of these subtypes, but one tends to dominate.

Self-Preservation (SP) Subtype

SPs are preoccupied with food, clothing and shelter, and usually focus on just one person. In addition, self-preservationists are frequently “hoarders”–unlikely to run out of toilet paper or other daily-use products.

One-On-One (1:1) Subtype

1:1s are concerned with their “soul-mate”, and believe that their happiness is directly related to their relationships. This subtype has been referred to as a “cult of two” and will tend to exclude third parties.

Social (Sc) Subtype

SCs are focused on and want to be in groups of people. Social subtypes see social hierarchy in all groups and want to be associated with the upper echelons.