The Enneagram is a personality-based system that helps us understand ourselves and others.  It is most helpful in providing a common language that we can use to communicate with, in all of our relationships.  Once we understand our fears and motivations (in addition to what each Enneagram type is seeking in relationships), we can discuss any subject with compassion and objectivity.

Our most intimate relationships are with our immediate families, and the Enneagram is a wonderful tool for parents and children alike.  Parents can see their children as separate individuals with their own unique lense on the world.  Likewise, children see parents not only as their caregivers and protectors but also as unique enneagram personality types who have lives separate from them.  This visual clarity is a wonderful gift for everyone.

I was fortunate enough to interview the Barker family and to capture their responses on video. I would love to share the wonderful and remarkable understanding and love that they demonstrate for each other,using the Enneagram as the language and structure for them to communicate. Please enjoy the video.