Helen Palmer

International Best Seller Author

Helen Palmer, Author of 5 books in the field of human consciousness 2 on the Enneagram topic are International best sellers now in 30 translations.

“I recently taught a panel method class in Las Vegas that highlights interviews of the 9 types on stage. I was thoroughly impressed by the speaker’s self-awareness and their generosity in describing their subjective reality to an audience of people who see the world differently. Sometimes an audience leans into a program and their eagerness to learn permeates the room. There’s extra buzz, lots of interaction and anticipation that you can feel when people want to learn more. 

I met a boatfull of Las Vegas diversity – performers, newcomers, old time Enneagram buffs and spiritual directors. Plus Steve’s solid board of 9 directors (1 of each Type) who will guide Enneagram learning in Las Vegas.”


Helen Palmer
2857 Paradise Rd.
Suite #3602
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

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