Steven Purdom

President and Founder of EnneagramLasVegas

steve purdom enneagramSteve Purdom is President and Founder of EnneagramLasVegas. He was trained as an Internal Medicine specialist and practiced medicine for 18 years before becoming Executive Vice President of Aflac, a top Fortune 150 company. Steve retired in 2000 and he and Mika moved to Las Vegas in 2009. They enjoy Las Vegas and have built a community of individuals seeking wholeness. They travel to Mika’s home in Tokyo twice per year.

“My personal goal is to teach as many people as possible the enneagram. I feel the enneagram is the gateway to understanding ourselves and our motivations. It is the most organized and complete system for studying personality types. Once that foundation is in place then you can expand beyond Ego or Persona into wholeness. To be a whole individual requires compassion for the parts of ourselves that we disown, in the service of ego. Please come join us on this journey”.

— Steve Purdom, Founder and President

As a student and teacher of the Enneagram, I have found more compassion for every enneagram type as I understand their motivations and fears. The enneagram changed me from an achieving oriented Type Three to a more community based and introspective person. I am grateful for the enneagram and those who have contributed to my personal growth.

Steve Purdom, MD
2857 Paradise Rd.
Suite #3602
Las Vegas, Nevada, 89109

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