Two – The Helper

Caring, and Sometimes to a Fault

Type 2

Enneagram type 2 is the most heartfelt of all the types. They are loving, nurturing and caring individuals. Type 2 can anticipate the needs of others and move towards them to meet those needs. Two’s are relationship based and will subjugate their own needs to maintain those relationships. Healthy two’s are the ultimate moms. They prepare meals, wash clothes, and chauffeur children. Type 2’s will give of themselves tirelessly to the family and extended family. Type 2’s choose the helper professions and nursing is a common choice. They are also frequently waiters/waitresses and stewards/stewardesses. When people are sad or down trodden or just stressed out, two’s will lift them up. They are always ready with a hug.



Two’s show the other types what it means to be in the heart center. They are emotionally and physically open and receptive to their fellow human beings. Healthy two’s are altruistic in the best sense. They will adopt children who are challenged and care for adults who have lost their way. Our society would not be the same without the giving , loving, self sacrificing two’s.


Two’s can give too much of themselves away. Instead of “love thy neighbor as thy self”, two’s can “love thy neighbor but not themselves”. Two’s can ” burn out” and become resentful that no one offers to care for them. In truth, two’s find it difficult to accept love or care.  They see themselves as care-givers, not care-receivers. Since two’s value themselves based on their love and care of others, then receiving love and care devalues, in their mind, their place in society.


Key Motivators

Two’s want to be loved and valued and they believe that they can achieve both by caring for others. Two’s can orient their lives around giving to get. When two’s can learn to love and care for themselves then their loving and caring for others is truly, beautifully altruistic.


Famous Examples

Mother Theresa, Albert Schweitzer, Florence Nightingale, Danny Thomas


Typical Things Spoken by a Two

“Come get a hug”

“Let me do that for you”

“I can make anyone like me”