Three – The Achiever

Goal-oriented and Hard-working


The three is focused on success at any cost. They measure their value based on their achievements. They will do what ever it takes to be valedictorian in high school or CEO at work. They will work 80 hours per week, do extra projects or travel as needed. They base their idea of success not on what they think success is but on what the audience thinks success means. That audience can be parents, society or spouse, but there is always an audience. The failure to succeed means that you fail as a human being. The identification with winning is so complete that losing results in depression or anger. That means losing at anything; avocations as well as vocations. Threes will avoid losers. They extend their self evaluation based on success to their friends and associates. If friends can’t keep up, then the three will move on. Threes do not go down with the ship.



Threes are good leaders, frequently charismatic and have the ability to see other peoples talents. If given a project they will follow through and do whatever is necessary to insure the success of the project. Threes do not whine or call in sick. They do not need supervision to make sure they are working because work is what threes do.


Threes will become so preoccupied with success that they forget the value of others. And, they can be so focused on winning they may not always follow the rules. Threes are so externally focused they can forget what their own passions are. They are always playing to the audience. Threes who have been performing their entire lives will say they do not know what they want. Their energy has been directed toward producing what their parents, society or spouses want. The concept of Grace is unimaginable to a three. Love not based on worthiness does not seem possible in a three’s world.

After chasing the golden ring for decades threes may just give up the chase and perhaps learn to value themselves using a different system.

Key Motivators

The three wants skills, competencies and then success. If they don’t achieve they don’t exist. What could be a stronger motivator?


Famous Examples

Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Bill Clinton, Mitt Romney, Tom Cruise, Oprah Winfrey, and Elvis Presley


Typical Things Spoken by a Three

“Just Do It”

“Winning isn’t everything, it is the only thing”

“Second place is first loser”

“Feelings are like speed bumps, they just slow me down”