Five – The Investigator

Accumulators of Knowledge


The Five’s focus centers around knowledge and wisdom. Fives value knowledge so highly that they will gather facts even when there is no practical application.  Fives make great basic research scientists.   Fives can struggle with social situations and frequently will sit back and observe.  They prefer events in which there is a clear agenda.  Fives will have work acquaintances and enneagram acquaintances and acquaintances that they share hobbies with but will not mix these groups of people.  Fives have what are called silos of relationships in order to keep interactions from becoming too complicated.  If fives share all of this knowledge and wisdom they have accumulated with you then you can be sure they like you. Their knowledge is their most valuable possession and they are only willing to share with people they like or love.  Fives tend to be introverted and withdrawn and are comfortable living alone.



Fives are bright and focused on data. They make great researchers, professors and software designers. Fives live lightly on the earth and require, perhaps, fewer resources than others.  The five’s strength is their intellect and they can be reactive if their knowledge is questioned.


All of a Five’s difficulties are centered around fear. Fear of not knowing what behavior is expected in a social situation. Fear of not knowing how to react in one on one intimate relationships.  Fives do not like confrontation and their defense mechanism is withdrawal.  They can become unavailable even to their most valued partners. Fives will leave the room if they are emotionally uncomfortable and perhaps do so without speaking.  If they are unable to physically withdraw then fives can withdraw internally and just retreat inwardly. Fives can hoard their information and feelings. In addition, their introverted behavior can seem like aloofness and be misinterpreted.


Key Motivators

A Five is motivated by wisdom and knowledge.  This is where they find safety.


Famous Examples

Isaac Newton, John Lennon, Stephen Hawking, Emily Dickinson, Charles Darwin, Bill Gates, Kurt Cobain, Howard Hughes


Typical Things Spoken by a Five

“I’d rather know what I’m getting into before I commit.”

“Knowledge is power.”

“I can’t rely on others.”

“What do you mean you don’t understand?”

“I am never less alone than when by myself.”

“I love New York.  It is long on people and short on relationships.”