Six – The Loyalist

Dutiful, Responsible and Supportive


The Six is called the loyalist but what they are looking for is emotional support and will stay in situations that are not optimal if they believe there is at least minimal support available to them.  They will stay in relationships, jobs and friendships when many of us would decide that the situation is not healthy or productive and that we should move on.  Sixes tend to be pessimistic and see worst case scenarios.  They are great at risk analysis but tend to lean toward the risk adverse option.  Sixes are frequently looking for an authority figure outside themselves and will attach to a professor or minister or friend only to find them fallible.  They look for friends or partners who are trustworthy and frequently, over time, decide they are not trustworthy.  Sixes are dutiful and responsible and will fulfill their obligations to others. They take pride in their sense of responsibility.  Sixes like community and will work in police and fire departments as well as the military.  Sixes are secretive and enjoy working in the intelligence community. Sixes will say that they can look ahead and see what dangers lurk in the future.   Sixes have behavior that ranges from phobic to counter phobic.  That is, they are sometimes very fearful and then incredibly brave in other situations.



The strength of the six is their commitment to a cause or community.  They are dutiful and responsible and the rest of us can rely on their commitments.  They are loyal and faithful in a friendship or marriage.  Sixes tend not to be self promoting and will work for the good of the group.  Japan is a six society and conformity and support of the group is highly valued.


Sixes struggle with the fear of what if’s. They function better in situations where the emergency is known than they do in potential danger.  When they are contemplating danger they tend to be in their head and have repetitive thoughts. They have a hard time interrupting the circular thought process and frequently want others to listen to them discuss what seems like a random non directional conversation.  Sixes will ask others for advice and may then appear to dismiss it out of hand or do the opposite. Advice gathering is a tool the six uses to flesh out a possible outcome/scenario. They simply have trouble finding a place of safety and comfort in their own minds. Counter phobic sixes, on the other hand, will rush into dangerous situations in order to move against their fears.  This behavior can result in dangerous outcomes.


Key Motivators

A Six is motivated by loyalty, duty, responsibility and  safety.


Famous Examples

John F. Kennedy, Woody Allen, Tom Hanks, Princess Diana, Mel Gibson,  Jon Stewart, Richard Nixon, Bruce Springsteen, Ellen DeGeneres


Typical Things Spoken by a Six

“Know that I have your back and I expect you to have mine.”

“The world is a dangerous place.”

“I’m just an average guy.”