Seven – The Enthusiast

Assertive, yet fun-loving


The Seven is an assertive, playful, freedom and fun-loving personality type.  They are energetic and like lots of activities.  Sevens will not tolerate boredom; they will change the channel. They are adventuresome and willing to travel with minimal planning.  They like to keep all of their options open and don’t need structure in order to feel safe.  Sevens are optimistic and at times don’t let duties and responsibilities to get in the way of their freedom and fun.  Their fear is that they will be trapped in emotional pain and their frenetic activity helps them escape unpleasant feelings.



Sevens bring joy and fun to almost any activity.  They always look at the positive side of even difficult situations.  They have a great sense of humor (see famous sevens) and are amateur (if not professional) stand up comics.


Sevens, in their need to avoid emotional pain, can embrace activities that are unhealthy.  These activities can range from moving from one relationship to another to excessive alcohol and drug use.  Seven can have difficulty concentrating on their professions and therefore have trouble sustaining gainful, long term employment.


Key Motivators

Sevens are motivated by the fear of emotional pain which they might characterize as seeking freedom and fun.


Famous Examples

Robin Williams, Joan Rivers, Jim Carey, Mozart, Malcolm Forbes


Typical Things Spoken by a Seven

“Don’t Worry Be Happy”

“If Life Gives You Lemons, Make Lemonade”

“When Eating Oysters, I Expect to Find a Pearl to Pay for the Meal”